To Improve for QOL of
Cancer Surgeries

In recent years, lymphedema has been garnering attention as
an important issue related to activities of daily living (ADL)
and quality of life (QOL) since it develops in the limbs.

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Presented the world\'s first lymphedema treatment
via the latest lymphatic vessel imaging technology.
Received the first COE (Center of Excellence) in Asia

Presented the world’s first working surgical method for lymphedema with greater effectiveness and efficiency using the latest ultrasound and microscopy before and during surgery.
Became the first in Asia to receive COE certification in August 2020,
in recognition of our commitment to maximizing the effectiveness
of lymphedema treatment using the latest imaging technology

COE (Center of Excellence)

Research Presentations, Lectures, and Surgeries
in Japan and Around the World

We travel to places around the world regularly to present
our research at international conferences, hold seminars,
and recruit surgeons in and out of Japan
for the treatment and research of lymphedema.


Presented the world\'s first minimally invasive and effective lymphedema treatment using ultrasound and OCT


We have been giving many presentations both in Japan and around the world to improve lymphedema treatment techniques and for research.

Activity Reports
Activity Reports